How to fix Amazon Flex app issues

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Are you having issues with your Amazon Flex app? One of the most common issues is a frozen screen or not updating. This can be frustrating, since you are losing out on valuable opportunities to get blocks, but is usually fixable if you follow the instructions below.

The Amazon Flex app is a relatively complex piece of software that must incorporate your own smartphone, which may be one of a variety of smartphone models and operating systems, GPS systems and Amazon's own internal fulfillment databases. Correspondingly, there are frequent software updates that must run to bring your Amazon Flex app to the latest version so that Amazon can continue to improve its services.

Unfortunately, with so many moving parts and variables, things can go wrong and you will, at some point or another, have issues with your app. Read below for recommended steps on how to fix your app if it is not working for any reason.

Step 1: Restart the Amazon Flex app to resolve your issues

This should be your first step in determining if the issue is temporary. If you are using iPhone, simply double-tap the home screen. This will bring you to a screen where you can swipe left and right to different apps that are concurrently running in the background. Swipe to the Amazon Flex app, and then quickly swipe upwards on the screen. You will see the Amazon Flex app "fly away" - this is the iOS's way of telling you that the app has been shut down manually.

For Android, go to the Settings app, and choose Apps under the Device section. Then, tap into the Amazon Flex icon, and select FORCE STOP. When prompted, tap on OK to complete the app shutdown.

Now, for both iPhone and Android, restart the Amazon Flex app, and you will likely be prompted to log in. If you are now able to run the app without issue, then congratulations - restarting the Amazon Flex app has resolved your issue! If not - keep reading.

Step 2: Restart the phone to fix your Amazon Flex app problems

Unfortunately, restarting the Amazon Flex app didn't fix your issues, so your next step is to try restarting everything, including your phone. The instructions for this step are straightforward - simply shut down your phone, and turn it on again, and see if this resolves the issues you were having with the Amazon Flex app.

When shutting down, make sure that you are shutting the phone completely off, not just putting it to sleep. This means that you must hold down the power button until the phone prompts you and asks if you want to power off. For Android, a popup will ask if you want to "Power off" to confirm, whereas iPhone will require you to swipe to power off.

Did that work? If not, it's time to...

Step 3: Reinstall the Amazon Flex app

Unfortunately, despite taking these measures, your Amazon Flex app is still having problems. In this case, you will want to remove the app from your phone completely, and perform a new installation.

If you are on iPhone, tap and hold down on the Amazon Flex icon on your home screen. After a few seconds, you should see a grey circle with an X appear in the top left corner of the icon, while all the icons oscillate. Tap on the grey circle with an X, and you will be asked if you want to Delete "Amazon Flex" - hit Delete.

If you are on Android, go to the App screen, and find Amazon Flex. Tap and hold down on the Amazon Flex icon until the text "App Info" and "Uninstall" appear. Drag the icon to above the uninstall area, and release your finger. After being asked if you "want to uninstall this app?" tap OK.

Unlike a standard app that is readily available on the iTunes or Play Store, you must manually retrieve the download link.


From your phone, type in the following URL into your browser:

You should see your phone automatically begin downloading a file. This is your APK - once downloading completes, tap on the APK file to begin the installation process.

Need more help with this step? See our Amazon Flex app installation guide.


Send an email to with the subject line [Issue with Amazon Flex App]. In the body, write:

I am having problems with the Amazon Flex app. The app will not load at all. I restarted the app and phone but this does not fix anything. I am using iOS 10.0.2.

My next step is reinstalling the app. Can you provide instructions for this?

You will then receive an email reply with a link. Click on the URL link to start the process of reinstalling.

The link leads to a survey, which after completion, will provide a shortened URL that you will then type into your iPhone browser. Installation will commence from there.

Need more help with this step? See our Amazon Flex app installation guide.

Still having problems? You may be having problems with your phone. If you have access to another smartphone, try using the other phone by following the installation steps above. In the mean time, reach out to to get an official answer.


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